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WAFBA Awardee of Excellence at NoCo8 Hemp Expo

We are proud to share that our machinery manufacturing partner Formation Ag was presented the Best New Tech Award at the NoCo8 Annual Hemp Expo last month.

This category represents people or groups whose work is at the forefront of the industry with their game-changing technical tools for improvement and impact to further the hemp industry.

Congratulations to Corbett Hefner and Formation Ag for the outstanding recognition! Your product and services are filling a gap in the market.


Last week, the International Code Council approved Hempcrete construction to be included in the International Residential Code. Read more at HempBuildMag. The Howland Hempcrete House in Goshen, MA. Photo Courtesy of Lillian Clarke


Hemp bedding made from hemp hurd absorbs four times its weight in moisture, thus keeping your animal's living space dry and comfortable. But absorbency isn't the only benefit.

  • Unlike pellets and sawdust, hemp bedding goes through a cleaning process; particulates are removed from the hurd, reducing the dust on the bedding making it safer for your animals.

  • Hemp reduces the smell of ammonia as the wet spots cluster together, locking down odor and decreasing the possibility of flies and other insects; this helps keep it dry and odorless.

  • The clusters of wet spots created by moisture in the bedding make cleaning easier.

  • Grown without toxic chemicals, hemp bedding is biodegradable and can be used as compost to protect the environment and reduce waste, making it sustainable and green.

Hemp bedding is simply an ideal material for your animal's health, and sustainable and green is optimal for the environment.


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