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Hempcrete Recommended for U.S. Building Codes Certification

US Hemp Building Association submitted an appendix to the International Residential Codes certifying hempcrete as an alternative material in construction.

“These documents will show a pathway for using hempcrete as a building material,” USHBA President Jacob Waddell told HempBuildMag.

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Hempcrete sustainability can achieve a low carbon footprint, but that's not the only benefit. As a conventional building material hempcrete:

  • Is a breathable material, allowing moisture to be evaporated and released. When combined with lime, hempcrete can be good for drywall, roofing, flooring, and insulation.

  • Is non-toxic, creating fewer environmental hazards by using limited amounts of pesticides and herbicides in the farming process. When used in the construction of walls (dry and cured), it does not release any toxins or off-gas. The lime combined in hempcrete is antifungal and antimicrobial safe for indoor environment.

  • Is also fire-resistant. Hempcrete transmits humidity, not allowing it to go up in flames nor create black smoke

Hempcrete is simply an ideal material for interior comfort and air quality.


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